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OEM Research Product Offerings


Specialized and OEM

Seroat International is experienced in developing and producing a wide range of products for specialized or OEM applications. Our current OEM client list includes prominent companies in Clinical Diagnostics,Molecular Biology, Industrial Testing,and Pharmaceuticals. We have partnered with these companies to provide customized  autoclave bags,biological transport bags,sterile bags and supplies to fit with their product systems and kits. Seroat can customize multi-size, multi-color laboratory bags to meet required specifications, and deliver a complete package to include private labeled packaging and instruction manuals.

Technical Support
Our in-house Technical Support and Service Department can take care of all end user support. For additional information on OEM product capabilities, please contact Seroat's Product Development Department at 858-431-6969 (International:858-437-1715), or fill in our OEM request form.

Serving Your Needs
Seroat has capabilities to provide customized laboratory bags for your specific needs. We can configure biohazardous material handling bags,autoclave bags,biological transport bags,sterile bags, incubating related supporting products and more to provide biosecurity sample transfer and handling for your needs.Contact us today for more information.